Ebony Sexdoll Aria

OMG is Aria a sexy bombshell or what!!

Aria has a fetish for being naked. She’ll sleep naked, wake up naked, exercise naked, work naked and run around the house naked basically. With a body like hers who could blame her though? One thing though, she is not an exhibitionist, so this all happens at your home.

What is the like? She is the most wonderful sexy bombshell in the sex dolls world! And that is no exaggeration. Just cuddle up. Have some fun!

The best looking and most life like Sex Dolls in the world. We love HER!

Joe and Dorothy A. Willis

Perfectly shaped, Aria has an enormous ass, perky sexy huge tits and dark toffee colored skin. Her tits are especially special since they are the perfect size for a tittie fuck. A squirt of lube and you would be on your way to bliss. Her bubble shaped ass will exquisitely squash your face or body. Her vagina is vice-like and almost 7 inches deep. 7 inches!!! With a 23 inch waist, the coke bottle has nothing on Aria.

With some baby oil rubbed all over her body, watch her skin transform from a matte brown to a glossy spankable brown. So so beautiful! What more can you ask from Aria? She is the perfect sex doll for you.