Top 3 Afro Sex Dolls

Ever wanted to be with an Afro babe? A beautiful black girl or a delicious chocolate brown ebony wildcat? We have selected, ranked and reviewed the Top 3 Afro Sex Dolls for you!

1. Naomi – Ebony Sex Doll

Naomi is the EDITORS PICK. The perfectly shaped afro babe Naomi is quite a look alike of her real life namesake. Thin without being skinny, beautiful face, excellent boobs, pierced navel and the most delicious of vagina.

You simply can not find a more attractive ebony sex doll on the market than Naomi. She will charm you in a heartbeat.

Functionality: Steel core and silicone body. An extreme attention to high quality detail. 3-in-1 anal, vaginal and oral sex options. Customizable details such as pussy hair, feet and much more beyond.

Conclusion: The best of black sex dolls award goes to Naomi the beautiful afro doll. Hands down the sexiest and highest quality ebony sex doll we ever came across!

2. Aria – Big Ass Black Sex Doll

One great attribute many a white chick envy of black babes is the big firm ass. Big ass black sex doll Aria has just such a behind to kill for. It is enormous but firm and sexy.

Aria can not compete with the overall beauty and sexiness of Naomi, but if you´re a butt man: Aria is your girl! No competition, Aria has the best afro ass in the world of sex dolls!

3. Sariah – Skinny Light Dark Sex Doll

Sexy Sariah is a cutie. Not drop dead gorgeous like Naomi. Not blessed with the best ass in the world like Aria. But Sariah sneaks into third place among afro sex dolls on that petite girl-next-door charm and attraction.

Sariah is slim, bordering on skinny. She has the tits of a 19 year old. Perky and sexy. But first and foremost she is just that sexy charmer you can not help but peek at. Secretly desire. Give her a shirt! Sariah is our third place among black sex dolls!