Rubens Interracial Hardcore – P3

“Great,” Ruben said as he began to walk out to the outer office. “Let me know if you need anything else.”

“Wait,” Maya said. “Do you have to go? Umm. I’m an actress. I like performing before an audience, even an audience of one. Please.”

“Well,” Ruben said, “I guess that will be okay, if it’s what you really want. I can sit back here in the corner.” Ruben sat down on the leather chair and put the monitor on the table beside him.

“Thanks, I’d like that,” Maya replied. “Should I take the robe off?”

“That’s your choice. The monitor can pick it up either way.”

“Off, I think,” Maya said, standing up, untying the sash at her waist and letting the robe fall to the floor. She bent over, picked it up and tossed it over the screen.

Holy shit! Ruben thought. God, she’s got a body that just won’t quit! I can’t believe she really wants me to watch her. Hell, I’d pay to stay here! He reached across the table and grabbed the monitor. I’ll need it as camouflage if she ever looks over this way.

“Are you warm enough in here? I should have asked earlier. I can adjust the heat if you’re too cold,” he said.

“No, I’m fine. So, what’s next? I just do it?” Maya asked. “Your uncle said something about me testing some toys, I think.”

“Oh, God! I’m sorry. I completely forgot,” Ruben exclaimed, jumping up from the chair. “All the things are stored in the top drawers. Here,” he said, opening the drawers. “See.”

“Wow! What a selection!” Maya said, peering over his shoulder at the collection of adult toys, novelties and lubes. “I’ve never even seen some of those things. What’s this?” she asked, holding up a tangle of chains, rubber rings and leather straps.

Ruben’s face heated up. “Uh, that’s part of the harness for the strap-on dildo set up. The rest of it’s in the other drawer. Would you like to use it? I can get it ready for you.”

She dropped the harness back into the drawer. “Oh, no. That looks way too scary for me. I think I’ll start with something I can at least recognize.” She opened a box containing a small bullet vibe. “This could work. And how about this one?” Maya chose a dildo from the ones in the drawer. “Purple,” she grinned. “My favorite color.”

“If you need some lube, it’s in this section.” Ruben pointed to the vials, tubes and pump bottles of lube. “There’s silicone, water-based, flavored and unflavored. Hmmm, it looks like this one’s warming and this one’s minty,” he read from the labels.

“Which one would you pick?” Maya asked. “I usually don’t use any, but it might be a good idea in this situation.”

Ruben handed her a small pump bottle of lubrication gel. “This one’s pretty good. It’s unscented and silicone based.”

“Okay, thanks,” Maya said, taking the bottle. “I guess I’m ready.”

“Right,” Ruben nodded. “I’ll get back to the monitoring. If you’re sure you want me here…”

“Yes, please. I’ll be much less nervous when I can see you watching me than if I were stuck in a strange room all be myself. I know that sounds weird.”

Maya placed the toys and lube on the bedside table and stretched out on the bed. Ruben admired the contrast between her creamy skin and the burgundy comforter. Her body was well proportioned and glowed against the satin sheen. Her light brown hair spread out over the pillows. Her eyes were closed and the dark lashes brushed against her cheeks.

Her fingers trailed over her body, pausing to lightly caress her nipples before moving down her belly and between her legs. Her lips opened and Ruben thought he could hear a faint gasp. One hand stayed there, lightly stroking. The other hand returned to her nipples, rubbing them in circles, first one and then the other.

Ruben shifted in the chair, trying to get comfortable. He was trying very hard to remain detached and professional, but it was difficult. All he really wanted to do was to join her on that bed. His cock was already erect and pushing against his zipper. His fingers tensed, wanting to touch those creamy breasts and silken thighs.

Maya reached over and found the vibe. She pressed the switch and a high-pitched hum filled the quiet of the room. She giggled. “I never realized how loud these little things were,” she whispered. Her fingers guided the vibe along the tips of her breasts.

Ruben didn’t think it was possible, but her nipples grew even larger and harder. His cock was now straining against his zipper. He licked his lips and tried to swallow around the lump in his throat. He glanced down at the LED readout on the monitor. He’d forgotten all about the job he was supposed to be doing. All the readings seemed to be in the high-normal range.

Maya slid one of the pillows under her hips. Her thighs splayed open and Ruben could see the bare pink lips of her center. She was totally smooth there with just a slim line of darker curls above. Her finger eased into the dewy core. First one, and then two. She slid them in and out of that moistness.

Ruben almost fell out of the chair when she brought those fingers up to her mouth and licked them. He must have gasped out loud because Maya opened her eyes and said in a dreamy whisper, “Ruben?”

“Sorry,” Ruben coughed. “Just a little cough. Sorry to disturb you.”

“Hey, Ruben,” Maya quietly said, moving to sit on the edge of the bed facing him. “I talked to your uncle for a long time.”

“Yes,” he said cautiously, wondering where this conversation was leading. Maybe this little break would let his body calm down so he could finish this session without causing a scene. His cock was still fully erect, though, and his fingers ached to touch those nipples and sink into her femininity.

“Did you know your uncle thinks this is more a matchmaking service than a testing lab? He said that your grandmother met her grandfather here and that he first saw your aunt right here, too,” Maya said.

“Yes, and my mother and my father were introduced in the outside office. Dad says it was love at first sight. “Almost like magic’ he says. I guess it was. They’ve been together almost thirty years.” Ruben said, wondering where this conversation was leading.

Maya stood up and crossed the room to stand in front of his chair. “Well, if it worked so well for them, why don’t we see if it’ll work the same magic on us.” She reached down and took the monitoring device from his fingers, found the switch and turned it off. Maya placed it on the table. Her hand unwound the band from her ankle and put it next to the now-darkened device.

Maya stood with her legs spanning his and leaned over to unbutton the top button of his shirt. She continued to unfasten his shirt as Ruben sat there, practically mesmerized. When the shirt was totally unbuttoned, she tugged at it, trying to get the tails out of his jeans. He leaned forward in the chair allowing her to remove the shirt and toss it to the floor.

“This is okay with you, isn’t it,” she murmured, her lips almost against his. Her tongue flicked lightly against his bottom lip. Ruben’s mouth opened and his hands drew her mouth firmly against his as his fingers tangled into her hair.

“God, it’s more than okay,” he said between kisses. “I’ve been sitting here trying to decide how I was going to be able to finish this without totally embarrassing myself. I wanted to touch these beautiful breasts,” he said, matching his words to the actions of his fingers.

“The entire time I was touching myself, I was imagining your fingers on me, your mouth on my nipples. Suck on them, please,” Maya pleaded and straddled his legs, one knee on each side of the leather chair. She leaned down to his waiting mouth and he gladly fulfilled her request. He licked and sucked and ran his tongue round and round her hard little pink nipples. Maya moaned and clutched her fingers on his shoulders. “More,” she whimpered.

Ruben’s hands roamed down her back and settled on her heart-shaped ass. “I swear I could smell your scent from across the room, all pineapple and honey,” he muttered. He slid down in the chair and pulled her to his mouth. “I wanted to taste you, to have that scent, that taste, in my mouth.”

“And why do you suppose I wouldn’t let you light those scented candles? I was hoping you’d smell me,” she gasped as he lightly glazed his tongue over the little nubbin. “The whole time I was touching myself, I was feeling your hands on me. And when I put my wet fingers in my mouth, it was your cock I had in there.” She reached back and fumbled with the button fly of his jeans.

“Let me up for a sec. Those jeans have got to go,” Maya said.

“Later,” Ruben murmured. He laved her clit gently as his finger slid into her dewy center. “I want to taste you as you come.” His tongue swirled around her pearl and sucked it into his mouth. He reached up and found her nipple. He rolled it between his thumb and fingers, enjoying the feel of it. He moved to the other nipple and tweaked it until it was rosy and marched the other one.

Maya twitched and quivered as she ground her pussy against his fingers. He could feel her coming. Ruben’s fingers were squeezed as Maya’s orgasm raced through her. As the little movements of her pussy subsided, Ruben slid his fingers out of her and raised them to his lips. He licked them one by one and enjoyed the taste of her juices.